Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Fair at Margam Orangery

Last weekend, together with tow of my beading buddies I had a table at the Glamorgan WI Craft Bonanza.

Lest you get confused that's not me in the photo but one of my buddies. I was behind the lens as usual and not in the photos.

We decided to go for a white theme this time as we have discovered that the cloths supplied by the WI are a dark green that kills the colour of the beads. These cloths are old ones that I inherited from my late mother so they have been well used and were perfect for our backdrop. One of the other advantages of using old tablecloths is that they tend to be big enough to cover the large tables that are used in the fairs. Big families needed big tables and hence big cloths.

A bit of a close up of the table.

We also decided that this time we would go for a colour theme. In the past we've put our own jewellery in sections but in the spirit of harmony and the fact that we know our own pieces we went for colour co-ordination where possible and I believe that the table looked better for it too.

My only bug with this table is that the cloth was not straight at the front. I thought that it was before we started but as we moved more and more things away from the front of the table we could see that it was slightly skew. Unfortunately, short of taking everything off the table it had to stay as it was. Lesson learnt. Next time have noting in front of the table when we decide if the cloth is straight.

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