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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Three Strand Crystal Necklace

I have some beautiful chandelier components that have been tempting me to use them for some time and today their time had come. I couldn't resist any longer and I put making a necklace with them on my 'to do' list. I really can't manage without one.

 Alloy Chandelier Components, Lead and Cadmium Free, Antique Silver Color, 34mm

As you can see this particular model has three holes to use for dangling pretties, we also have five holes ones too. 

You may remember that I made a necklace with the bead frames last week so as I am still in love with them I decided to combine the two elements and I came up with this:

Not enough? Well, I've shown you this bit first as it's the part where the chandelier meets the neck chain and the strands of the necklace. Do you want more?

Now you can see the beautiful mother and son silver tone chain that I used to finish the necklace. 
Still not enough?

I tried to photograph the necklace with the sun shining on it so that the light could catch the crystals and make them glint. No point in wearing something that has the potential to catch someones eye if you don't wear it to it's best potential.


 , finally the full necklace for you to see. Each strand is different as I wanted to make use of different techniques and components. I think that this looks rather Victorian Gothic. 

If you want to make this necklace then you will need:

What do you think? Please leave nice comments.


Monday, 11 November 2013

Friday, 8 November 2013

Midnight Blue Necklace Tutorial

Boy was I pleased with the outcome of this necklace. It's one of the things that I like the best:

Minimum work, maximum impact.

So what I did was simple.

I made up a set of connectors with a crystal through the centre to make them really pretty.

I used:
Tibetan Style bead frames, x 8 (2 packs)
100 Eyepins, Plated Silver Color, Nickel Free 30mm long, 0. 7mm thick, If you use this size you will not need to do any cutting.
Glass beads - 6mm Abacus 
10 Silver Colour Lobster Clasps, Nickel Free, 15mm
6mm Silver Color, Iron Jump Rings, Closed but Unsoldered, x 120

Tools required:

Round nose pliers

You will have lots of things over to make the next necklace.

Thread an eye pin connector making sure to put a crystal in the centre. Using a round nose pliers finish the other side with a loop.

I made 16 of these.

Connect the crystal elements with a jump ring until you have  a necklace of your desired length.

Finish with a clasp and your necklace is ready to wear.

Here's the video, or there would be one if Blogger would caaept the code. Try this: