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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Amethyst Spiral Rope Necklace

Amethyst Necklace with a twist. A spiral rope necklace in fact.

I have some beautiful large silverlined glass beads. They are lentil shaped which means that they are discs with a dome shape in the middle. I also have the Silver Colour Scarf Tube Pendant x 2, which I used to hang the pendant.

Now, I'm not pretending that this was quick to make as it was not. The rope will take a couple of evenings but, when that's done, the rest is a breeze and the effect is stunning.

If you are interested I can make up a kit for you at the cost of £10. This will include everything except the fireline and needle.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Tropical Orange Necklace

I made this today with some of the beautiful beads in our vibrant orenge selection of big beads. Although I tend to wear a lot of silver I love gold and I teamed it with these oranges to make this statement necklace.

If you want to make one you will need: You will not need the whole pack of any of them.
Golden jump rings I used some from this pack:

Spend less than £10 and you will have enough left to make another necklace. Perhaps not an identical one but a similar one.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Statement Necklace

I've been looking at the necklaces in the shops recently and I've noticed that big, statement, necklaces are all the rage. With this in mind I decided that I was going to design some from the fabulous beads that I have in my stash. You all know the sort that I mean. The ones that you buy because you can'r resist them. Now I have the inspiration I decided that 'resistance is futile'.

This is my necklace:

It is fabulous shades of golden olive. The findings are metal and the necklace has a good weight.
It is for sale on Craft Fairy.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Magenta Necklace

The title of this post may well be 'Magenta Necklace',  but I think that the actual necklace is vibrant and so appealing that the title does it no justice. What do you think?

You may also have noticed that my photos are getting more adventerous as I have bought both a new camera and a new edition of Photoshop Elements. Fab.

However, to business. The necklace is also made with my new Craft Fairy beads and I used:

Mother and Son Black Brass Chain x 1 metre

Spray Painted Acrylic Beads, Flat Round I used the magenta with a purple splash. That's why I chose the purple pearls.

Tigertail sorry we don't sell it as yet but it is on order and will be with us soon

The necklace is made with a simple process of 2 strands through the larger beads and 1 through the smaller ones. I will do a tutorial I promise.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Victorian Inspired Necklace

I did tell you in my last post that I was surrounded by beads. Now that I have unpacked almost all of them I gave into tempation and made my first necklace using some of the fabulous beads and connectors.You may have noticed too that a lot of the things that I bought are black. This is because I rather like jewelery on  a black base and I have found it hard to buy. So I bought black in spades so that you won't have to search too much.

Products used:

First of all I should say that these are the pack sizes. You will not use them all. You'll have plenty left over.

 I hope that you like my creative setting. It's the scales from my kitchen, yes I really do use one like that and some old embroidered napkins that I have had for 30 years and never used as they were too nice. So sad. Get them out of the draw!!