Saturday, 22 June 2013

Spiral Rope Bracelet for fun

A couple of years ago I dragged my friend along to a jewellery making course.  Just for fun I said. Little did I know that I would love it to the point that I wanted to bring the beads to the Craft Fairy web site. I plotted and I planned and now they have arrived. So, of course, I had first dibs and this is what I made. It's a simple spiral rope and it is finished with cones and a toggle clasp to make it a bit more up to date. No fuddy duddy beading for me thank you.

I'll put a tutorial as soon as I've time after doing the Bristol Parchment Craft Show tomorrow.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

How to make pearls pop

Well at least I think that 'pop' is the current phrase for making things look special. I decided that for this necklace, I would use pearls in a more modern way. I think that I achieved this by pairing them with some of the fab new beads that we are currently stocking on Craft Fairy. We have kept our prices so low that you can buy all of the things that you need for less than £4.

The materials used for this necklace can be found on these links:

Some tools to make the links

So simple that there is probably no need for an explanation.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Shabby Ginghams

New in and hot are these wonderful shabby ginghams that have  just hit the Craft Fairy web site. I have tried and tried to get these and not success at last. Love them.

They almost vlook like they've beed dipped in tea. You crafters will know what I mean.