Thursday, 18 October 2012

Ribbon wreath for inspiration

Today I have a ribbon wreath for a little Christmas inspiration. I don't have a photo tutorial for you as I forgot to photograph it as I went along but I can give you written instructions instead.

Basically what I used for this was a 20 cm polystyrene wreath that came from a twin pack that I bought in the Range for a £1. Yes, you did read that right, 2 for a £1. I was shocked that they could be so cheap.

I stuck a piece short (about 6cm), of double sided ribbon to the outside edge of the wreath and stuck the end of the ribbon to it and started winding until I reached the end of the piece of double sided. The I stuck the next piece onto it. I continued to wind and stick until I got to the end and then I stuck the end to the back of the wreath.

Now take a piece of the wired tartan ribbon and create a loop at the top of the ribbon. Tie a bow to the loop with a couple of extra tails to make it look fuller.

Finish with a couple of really large roses to create a colourful Christmas ribbon wreath.

All items used for this wreath are available here at Craft Fairy.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Ribbon Weaving for a Christmas Card

I have just created this woven ribbon card in Christmas colours after I was spurred on to make a Christmas Card by the lovely ladies at Dandie Crafts Treforest. You may have seen the card that I demoed in an earlier post. That one was in rich wines and creams, while this is in reds and greens for christmas.

Now, if you want to make a card like this you will need:

All products are available here at Craft Fairy
Forest Green 16mm satin ribbon
Red damask ribbon in 16mm
Old gold satin ribbon 6mm
Willow satin ribbon 9mm
Some guipure lace, I used circle and fan
a really large rose in red
Glue and foam pads
some card to make the base on which to showcase your creation.
A few red buttons

Start by cutting a piece of card that will be the right size for your ribbons. 
Stick a piece of double sided tape to the back of one side of the card.

Lay out your ribbons in your chosen pattern as seen in the picture below.

Now stick double sided tape to the two side of the card closest to the first. you will have to stick the tape over the first ribbon in the corners.

This is what it should now look like at the front.

Now add the last piece of tape and finish the weaving.

You can now stick the piece of weaving to your card and embellish with lace, a large flower and some cute buttons.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Fab new stock

I just have to share all of these new ribbons with you as they are too lovely to keep to myself. Unfortunately, I am no good at all at positioning them!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Cardiff City Show all over.

Wow, what a great weekend at the Cardiff City Stadium Craft Show. Craft Fairy met lots of old friends and made many new ones.
It is so good to see that Cardiff can have a successful craft show at last. Much better then the one in the CIA!

Did you come and visit us? If you did, leave a comment to let me know.

Friday, 5 October 2012

Craft Fairy at the Cardiff City Stadium Craft Show.

Why not come and visit us at the Cardiff City Stadium Craft Show? We will be exhibiting tomorrow and Sunday. We are easy to find as we are the first stand that you see when you enter the sales area.

We will be offering free demos to all who come along. Don't be afraid to look and ask as I won't bite and I am really friendly and helpful. (Modest too) I will show you how to make ribbon roses, ribbon poinsettias, draw flowers with calligraphy pens, and lots more.

See you there.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Christmas Tree Button Bag

The Christmas mix is one of our very popular button mixes. So I thought that I would combine them with one of our jute bags and make this Christmas tree Button Bag.

Having made it I also think that it looks quite good as a piece of button art for Christmas so please take your pick and make whatever takes your fancy.


1 pack of Christmas selection mixed buttons

This is what I did.

Stick to the bag a length of double sided tape horizontally about a third of the way up.
Choose a set of green buttons and stick to the double sided tape. You will see that they are all random shapes but they are all about the same size.
The next piece of tape is already down for you to see that I placed it so that it is a bit shorter than the bottom layer of buttons. Don't place it too close to the first layer of buttons as you will need room for the buttons.

 Continue adding layers of buttons making sure that the width is shorter on each level. By the time that you get to your last level you should only have two buttons. Finish off the top with a star button.
 Place three pieces of tape below the tree as seen above. Stick red buttons to the tape to look like a pot.
There we are all finished.

You can now, if you want to sew the buttons in place. Only do this if you are going to use the bag. If you want it to be a gift bag for Christmas presents don't bother as the tape is real quite strong if you buy a good one.

For my Demo at Dandie Crafts

On the 13th October, I will be demoing at Dandie Crafts on the Treforest Trading Estate.

So I am busily making cards to demo on the day. This is the first one that I came up with as I was specifically asked to demo ribbon weaving. I hope that you like it and will come along to look, learn and chat.
I will post the other things that I will demo as I make them so keep on checking back with me.