Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Make your gifts look good

Have you noticed that gift packaging is getting better and better all of the time?  I f you treasure someone enough to give them a gift then it makes sense to put it in something special so that the person that you give it to knows right from the start that you made it for them with love.

So, today, I made a gift box and decorated it to show how much I like the person and the gift inside it.

A few posts back I showed you how to make a gift package and this time I used that method to make a box in red card.

The ribbon that I used was:
The red red rose was:

See how to make the box here:

How to decorate it here:

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Colour Boards

I do like a good colour board for two reasons.
  1. It reminds me of what I have and
  2. It inspires me to use some of the wonderful Craft Fairy products.
So this is what I put together today.

I suppose that you've guessed that this one is a Christmas themed one. Perhaps I should say that it's a traditional Christmas board. All of these fab Christmas craft products are ready and waiting for you.