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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Lovely Lilac Felt Heart

I think that this blog is becoming a bit heart obsessed. Or could that be me? Which ever thing it is I have made another heart for you all.

Can't decide if I went over the top with the flower, but I rather like it.

Products used to make this were:

White Felt Hearts 7.5cm, wide, 30% Wool Blend x 6
White grosgrain ribbon with lilac carnations, 3m by 9mm
Light Orchid grosgrain ribbon with white swiss dots, 3m x 9mm
Grape Satin Ribbon, 3 metres by 16mm
I also used lilac embroidery thread and a white button.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Red Felt Heart with lace and bow

Yesterday evening I felt, (ha, ha) the need to make another of my favourite craft goodies. So, being Christmas, I decided that the best thing to do would be to make one of the red hearts. This time I decided to combine it with the red spotty bows that I made and a little of the natural cotton lace and create this:

You can make one too by using:

Red Felt Hearts 7.5cm, wide, 30% Wool Blend
30mm Pointed Cotton Lace Natural
Red Grosgrain Ribbon with White Swiss Dots
Christmas Red and Green Assorted Shape Buttons
Red Swiss Dot Ribbon, 6mm

You will also need a needle and thread of your colour choice,
Some wadding to fill the heart.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Hearts for Christmas in Shabby Colours

Christmas, gulp is coming, and I feel the need to make beautiful decorations for the house. So this is the latest.

It really is a quick and simple heart to make and will look fabulous on a few dried twigs. 

To make it you will need:

Cotton thread.

To make this heart:
Sew the buttons on to one side of the heart shapes. Use both and medium and small buttons.
Stitch around the edges with blanket stich. Leave enough room to fill the heart with wadding and to stitch in the ribbon.

Have entered this for the 'Fab 'n' Funky' Button it Up challenge.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Mock Kanzashi Flower

I've entitled this entry a mock kanzashi flower, because It looks rather like a kanzashi flower, but it is made from ribbon rather than from fabric.

I've not shown you how to make a ribbon flower in a while and, truthfully. I made and photographed this one a while ago. You have seen a version of this on the jute bag.

So, if you want to make one of these then read on.

Take a length of strong thread and put a large knot at one end. Beware the small knot as it will not hold!

Start by cutting several pieces of ribbon. I used 23mm wide ribbon so the measurements below are for that type of ribbon. You will need to adjust the measurements if you use a wider or narrower ribbon.

Fold the ribbon over to make the shape shown below. Using the thread with the knot, begin to make small running stitches along the bottom edge of the folded petal as shown below.

When you get to the end of the first petal continue threading onto the next. Do not break the thread.

When you have threaded at least 5 petals on the thread, you can begin to pull the thread tight and as you pull, the petals will start to form a circle.

 Pull very tight and stitch the first petal to the last one and your basic flower is formed and ready to embellish. Below is what you should get.

Now all that you need to do is sew a button or bead onto the centre.

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Thursday, 12 January 2012

New Button Tree - Shades of Autumn

I've made another button tree. I made this one as I gave a talk to a local WI and I wanted to show them fairly economical ways that you could craft. This picture is made from just half a pack of our Autumn Shades buttons and a couple of twigs from the garden.

As with the other button tree, it is sewn together and that way it will not fall apart. 
The hardest part of this is finding suitable twigs.
Happy Crafting.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Button Tree, my version

So fellow bloggers, if you have been reading the earlier post you will know that I've turned my attention to buttons and that I have been doing my research. I found that there are a lot of button trees out there but not wanting to copy what I've already seen, I looked at the buttons in the Craft Fairy button section and I was inspired by the flower buttons that have just come back into stock.

I decided that as we are heading for Spring and that we want to leave the awful Winter weather behind us I would use them to make a button Blossom Tree. I also added a few sparkly glass beads to make it look like catkins. They didn't photograph well but they do make it look good.

I painted the canvas with a matt paint that I had bought in one of those little tester pots. Cheap.
The twig was sprayed with silver and then after it had dried I sewed it to the canvas with a toning thread. I sewed rather than stuck as I don't want it to come off.
The the flower buttons are sewn on starting with the biggest at the base and working out to the smaller buttons on the outer edges of the twig.
I had some clear crystals in my jewellery stash so I added some of those, sewn again to make them look like catkins.

Buttons can be found here:

Now go and make your own.