Monday, 21 January 2013

Jane Austen Valentines

The talented Susan Jane has made some beautiful cards with Craft Fairy ribbons.

She has lots more and better still a free pattern of the download.

So what are you waiting for? Get on over now. Click the image to see what she has.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Magenta Necklace

The title of this post may well be 'Magenta Necklace',  but I think that the actual necklace is vibrant and so appealing that the title does it no justice. What do you think?

You may also have noticed that my photos are getting more adventerous as I have bought both a new camera and a new edition of Photoshop Elements. Fab.

However, to business. The necklace is also made with my new Craft Fairy beads and I used:

Mother and Son Black Brass Chain x 1 metre

Spray Painted Acrylic Beads, Flat Round I used the magenta with a purple splash. That's why I chose the purple pearls.

Tigertail sorry we don't sell it as yet but it is on order and will be with us soon

The necklace is made with a simple process of 2 strands through the larger beads and 1 through the smaller ones. I will do a tutorial I promise.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Victorian Inspired Necklace

I did tell you in my last post that I was surrounded by beads. Now that I have unpacked almost all of them I gave into tempation and made my first necklace using some of the fabulous beads and connectors.You may have noticed too that a lot of the things that I bought are black. This is because I rather like jewelery on  a black base and I have found it hard to buy. So I bought black in spades so that you won't have to search too much.

Products used:

First of all I should say that these are the pack sizes. You will not use them all. You'll have plenty left over.

 I hope that you like my creative setting. It's the scales from my kitchen, yes I really do use one like that and some old embroidered napkins that I have had for 30 years and never used as they were too nice. So sad. Get them out of the draw!!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Beads, Beads, Beads

Can I contain my excitement? I think not.

The wonderful beads have started to arrive here at Craft Fairy and with a little bit of luck they will all be on the website by the weekend. At lease 80% of them are there already.

I had a little play around with Photoshop and I came up with this poster for my beads. "My beads" is that a Freudian slip? I am selling them I promise. I feel like one of those pirates who finds the hidden treasure. So many beads and so wonderful.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Loyalty Points

At last, Craft Fairy is giving loyalty points when you buy with us. I hope that the picture is self explanatory.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Punched petal flower card

Punched petal flower card.

Hands up how many of you have bought things and then put them aside and done nothing with them. I confess to being no slouch in this area either. This is why I've had a punch from Kuretake for a while and not really done anything with it. Until today that is. My computer was not working this morning so I really had to create. The card below and the flower on is is what I came up with.

Recently I've started to enter challenges again so this is to be entered in:
Cute Card Thursday's 'Beat the Blues' Challenge.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Rose Posy Picture so 'Chic'.

Today's post is going to be about using some of those beautiful flowers that we sell at Craft Fairy in a picture frame. I've made this because so many of my customers say that our flowers are too beautiful to use and they keep them in a draw to look at from time to time. Well we cant have that can we. So this is how to get them out of the draw and use them to good effect.

Do you like this frame? Does it look expensive? Well, it actually cost me 99p and it came from the shop of the same name. You probably have a local one yourself so get on over and have a look at what they have in stock. There was no glass. What did I expect for 99p? Better for the purposes of making this picture.

The paper is from Making Memories and was part of my stash that I'd been keeping for a long time as it was too pretty to waste.

 Cut the paper so that it fits on the backing board. Fix it in the frame.

For the posy, I used a selection of flowers.

Large curly roses in pink.
Vintage blue roses in blue

Shape your roses so that they form  round shape as seen in the image. Then apply foam pads to the back of the posy.

Stick down onto the backing paper.

To make the vase cut a vase shape from some decorative card. I used some non shed glitter card but you could use any toning card that you have.

Tie a knot in a piece of 16mm ribbon. I used french blue,  and trim to make it look like a bow. Apply tape to each side of the ribbon and tape to the back of the vase shape.

Now attach this to the picture with more foam pads and your picture is complete.

I have just entered this on the Our Creative Corner Challenge. So if you have anything in the colours pink, aqua and a flower then why don't you enter too.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Hearts and buttons

 Hearts and buttons, what more could a girl want? Perhaps some thread and ribbon?

Valentine's Day will be with us soon and this is a perfect project to get you going.
Today, I decided to  die cut some red hearts out of the fabulous wool blend felt that I showed you a couple of weeks ago. The result was that I felt inspired too and I made this heart hanging to kick off the Valentine makes. So much better than a card that ends up in the bin.

Items from Craft Fairy that I used:

Red wool blend die cut hearts

Buttons from the nursery mix

9mm red gingham

I started by sewing three buttons to one side of the heart. I used white buttons and red thread.

 Then I used green embroidery thread to sew a stem and leaves.
Quickly followed by blanket stitch in white, around 3/4 of the outside edge of the heart. This is then stuffed with any suitable stuffing. I used kapok because I have some. Stuffing from old pillows works fine too.

Pin the ribbon in position and finish stitching around the edge and there you have it a pretty scandi chic hanging heart.