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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Valentine's Day is almost here

It's a cold morning today so I thought that I would sew one of the new Felt Heart kits that I have just added to the Craft Fairy web site.

This kit is the pink heart kit and it is made up of lots of our beautiful Crat Fairy products.

So. I'm sure that you want to get started on your project.

Get your kit here:

Decorated Felt Heart Kit

This is what you will need to do.

The heart is decorated before it is sewn together.

Start by sewing a length of the heart ribbon in a diagonal across one side of the felt heart. Don't worry if the ribbon is a bit too long as you can trim it later.

Now sew on the buttons as seen.

Next sew on the beads. I sewed them on randomly. You can add more if you want. There are plenty of beads in the pack.

Take a length of ribbon and fold it into a loop. Pin the loop to the inside of the felt heart.

Now, using the white embroidery thread, sew the heart together. I used blanket stitch. Make sure that you sew the blanket stitch through the ribbon loop as this will hold it in place.

When you have sewn about three quarters of the heart, fill it with some stuffing until you are happy that it is bouncy enough. Not too full though.

Finish sewing the heart together. remembering to remove any pins. 

You have a heart. Perfect for a little girl's room.  

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Pull Treat for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and, while we want that special gift from the one that we love, we also want it to be beautifully packaged. So here is an idea for making the packaging look superb and the treat inside it will seem so much better too!

This pretty pink package is made with:

a heart die cut

pink calligraphy pens
9mm pink saddle stitch ribbon
3mm saddle stitch ribbon
a sheet of heavy paper
1 sheet of medium weight card
1 flat gift

The tutorial for making this gift wrap is to be found on splitcoast stampers resource page. The flower making and pen blending technique can be seen here.

Once you have mastered the technique you can make the package bigger or smaller to suit the gift. I would love to receive this. Now, how can I persuade my husband to make it? I'll let you know if I'm successful