Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Rubber Stamp Clearance Day on Craft Fairy

Today I am reducing many of our rubber stamps on Craft Fairy.

These are fabulous stamps, but I have more than I need and the end of the year is coming and we need to clear for the new stock so you will all benefit from the clear out.

Look at some of what's on offer:

These won't last long so be quick.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Organza Ribbon flower

Well I must say that I do seem to be on a roll as far as these ribbon flowers are concerned and this is the latest. Ribbon and button offer.
What you will have in this tutorial is the basis bow that will allow you to build up lots more bows. I've kept this simple for you so I hope that you're ready to play along.

You won't need much to make this, just:

1.5 metres of 23mm ribbon. ( The wider the ribbon, the fuller the flower. If you use thinner ribbon you will need to wrap it more to get the fullness. All will become clear).
1 large button
a scrap of contrasting ribbon
1 piece of still cardboard 5cm x 15cm. ( Cut it off an old cardboard box).

To make the flower:

Start with cut piece of ribbon at the top of the card as seen.

Wrap the ribbon around the cardboard overlapping the pieces as you go. Tie a good knot in your thread ( don't worry as it's not going to be seen) and sew a running stitch along the bottom edge of the ribbon.

 Slide the ribbon off the cardboard.
 Pull the thread abd it will ruffle up the ribbon.

When you've pulled tight you can sew the two edges together at the back of the flower and open out the loops. Now you can leave it like this if you like.
 Or you can.....Cut the tops off the loops at a diagonal as shown.
Thread the scrap ribbon through the button and tie tightly. Sew in place in the center of your flower.
Do you like it?
Now I've put an offer on the Craft Fairy home site as usual so that you can get this ribbon at a lower price.
Click here for the offer.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Anniversary blast from the past

I made this card some time ago and it was posted on my old blog. I have been looking through it recently and I couldn't let this one moulder away unseen so I've brought it out and dusted it off for all to see.

For this card you will need:

1. 1 DL card in pale blue.
2. The loving couple stamp from our new Flaunt It sheet of unmounted rubber stamps.
3. 1 sheet of white card for stamping the image and the background paper.
4. Youth is a State of Mind Stamp from the Funny Ladies sheet of stamps.
5. Art and graphic pens from Kuretake in Pink, Skin Tone, Grey and Blue
6. Stazon in Stone Grey

What to do:
1. Use Stazon in Stone Grey to stamp the image on to a piece of white card and trim to size. Colour the image with the pink and blue pens and use a little water to thin the paint to give a paler colour where needed. Edge the card in blue.
2. Decorate a piece of card with the pink calligraphy from the Heart set that you have edged with the blue pen from the Art and graphic pens from Kuretake. Trim to leave a fairly wide border as seen in the example. Edge the card in blue as you did with the earlier card.
3. Stick to the base card and use 3d foam pads to stick the loving couple sheet to the card.
4. Now, use Stone Grey Stazon to stamp the Youth message and again edge in blue. Yes, lots of blue edging here I know but it helps to harmonise the Images.
5. Use 3d foam pads to stick to the card. Your card is finished.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Our Brand New Cross Stitch Kits

I really, really hope that you love these cross stitch kits as they are the first that we have brought out and are excluse to Craft Fairy. You can buy them at the Craft Fairy site