Thursday, 14 February 2013

Seeing Spots

We've just had a delivery of the most amazing spotty ribbons and we now carry almost the whole range of these fabulous satin taffeta ribbons. I also decided to play around with collages and this is today's creation.

Beware as there may be more.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Cover up with Hearts

How many of you have little girls who fall over and make a hole in their tights. Result ruined tights?

Not any more as you can cover up that unsightly hole with a felt heart and very often it will look better than it did before. I saw this fantastic pin on Pinterest and thought that it might inspire you.

Buy Craft Fairy felt hearts here.

Hearts are not just for Valentine's Day

At the risk of repeating myself,  Hearts are not just for Valentine's Day. You'll think this too when you see these beautiful hearts that I have pinned into my felt board on Pinterest. They are by a really talented lady, whose blog is called Beedeebabee. To be honest with you these hearts are just a snapshot of her talent. She sells on Etsy too and makes fabulous things.

So, I just had to cut out some felt hearts so that you can make something as beautiful as these.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Elegant Silver Grey Pearl Necklace

A quick bit of inspiration this time as I've made a woven necklace from some of the new pearls and metal beads that we have on Craft Fairy. 

This is quite a good necklace to use if you have lots of ods and ends of pearls left in your workbox. 

It is made with two strands of tigertail which are threaded through the beads and finished with a toggle clasp. My clasp of choice really.