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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Raffia Tree

One of the most interesting products around at the moment is raffia. At the Craft Fairy home base we sell paper raffia in a wide range of colours. They are popular for gift wrapping but I thought that I would do something different and I came up with the raffia flower tree. It could be a tree, but then again it could be a flower arrangement. You choose.

I made the flowers with red, white and blue raffia as we are in a patriotic fervour at the moment and so I really couldn't choose any other colours could I?  I can mention the Jubilee, but i am not too sure about the 'O' word. Lots of laws abound about it.

The basket that the flowers are placed in is made from woven raffia that I stuck on to a piece of card. I put some cardboard behind the basket to make it look 3D.

Make the flowers with a flower loom. There are lots on the market and they all have instructions.

I uses a deep edge canvas and stuck dark red saddle stitch around the sides.

The flowers are then hot glued into place, and the project is finished.

To get your raffia and ribbons click on this link to Craft Fairy.