Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Trees of Christmas Past

Some of you may remember this beautiful ribbon tree from a few Christmases past. It is still shining and ready to take pride of place on my mantlepiece this Christmas. Why not make one? The ribbon is all available from: Craft Fairy

I do love to see all of the beautiful and varied colour themes that seem to abound in the shops every year. I sigh and think that gold and cream is so chic and elegant, but, somehow I always return to the traditional when it comes to putting my Christmas decor together. So it is no surprise that I have chosen red, green and gold as the colours of my ribbon tree.

To make this tree you will need to go and get yourself a polystyrene cone.

Cut ribbons to the length that you feel you like and, using short pins, pin them to the cone. Start from the bottom and work up. I pinned mine in a random way but you can be more structured if you want. I made a small cone from yellow paper to finish.

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